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The Best ELITE and Nr. 1 Esports project in Lithuania


Suburk savo draugų ratą ir tapk tikru mafijos BOSU. Atsisiųskite žaidimą iOS ir Android platformai jau 2021 metais! www.liutai.app

  1. HARDBASS.lt

    1. News

      About project news and updates

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    2. Information

      All necessary information about the site and servers

      • 3 posts
    3. Events

      Hardbass team meets and events in Lithuania 2020

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    4. Offers

      Website visitors and server players suggestions for the project

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    5. Music

      Drop here your favorite hardbass songs

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  2. Servers news

    1. PUBLIC

      Server ONLY for Lithuanians

      • 1 posts
    2. MASOFK#

      18+, Hardbass End Round Sounds, Only de_dust2 map

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    3. EASTERN

      Elite LT/RU/EN, Female Ultimate Sounds, Black Flashbangs

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    4. CSDM RPG

      Steamed, RPG mod by Sylwester, Always night in maps

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    5. ZOMBIE

      Gold Weapons, Custom Models, Buy Ammo Packs

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    6. SURF

      GunXP Mod, Female Ultimate Sounds, Frost Flashbangs

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    7. RUSSIAN

      Special for Russia

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      • 1 posts
  3. Discussions

    1. Greetings and introductions

      Do you listen to HARDBASS music? Are you planning to become a hardbass.lt server network player? Or you just stumbled upon a forum to ask something or start a hot discussion. HERE IS THE RIGHT PLACE. WE WANT TO MEET.

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    2. Feedback on the project

      Here you can rate our project

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    3. About everything

      You can freely discuss here about everything

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  4. Administration

    1. The rules

      Rules that applies to all players

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    2. Complaints

      Complaints about server administrators

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    3. Unban

      Banned for "nothing"? Your evidence. Demo + SS files.

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  5. Foreigners Forum

    1. По русски

      Обсуждения только на русском языке

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    2. In English

      Discussions in English only

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