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1# The Best ELITE CS:GO Esports project in Lithuania!

  1. HARDBASS.lt

    1. News

      About project news and updates

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    2. Information

      All necessary information about the site and servers

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    3. Events

      Hardbass team meets and events in Lithuania 2020

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    4. Offers

      Website visitors and server players suggestions for the project

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    5. Music

      Drop here your favorite hardbass songs

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  2. Servers news

    1. PUBLIC

      Server ONLY for Lithuanians

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    2. MASOFK#

      18+, Hardbass End Round Sounds, Only de_dust2 map

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    3. РУССКИЙ

      Special for Russians

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    4. CSDM RPG

      Steamed, RPG mod by Sylwester, Always night in maps

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    5. EASTERN

      Elite LT/RU/EN, Female Ultimate Sounds, Black Flashbangs

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    6. ZOMBIE

      Gold Weapons, Custom Models, Buy Ammo Packs

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    7. SURF

      GunXP Mod, Female Ultimate Sounds, Frost Flashbangs

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  3. Discussions

    1. Greetings and introductions

      Do you listen to HARDBASS music? Are you planning to become a hardbass.lt server network player? Or you just stumbled upon a forum to ask something or start a hot discussion. HERE IS THE RIGHT PLACE. WE WANT TO MEET.

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    2. Feedback on the project

      Here you can rate our project

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    3. About everything

      You can freely discuss here about everything

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  4. Administration

    1. The rules

      Rules that applies to all players

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    2. Complaints

      Complaints about server administrators

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    3. Unban

      Banned for "nothing"? Your evidence. Demo + SS files.

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  5. Foreigners Forum

    1. По русски

      Обсуждения только на русском языке

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    2. In English

      Discussions in English only

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